Business Primer

The Business Primer is and eBook called “Aspire, Perspire & Avoid to Expire in Business”. It is based on the Lonely Entrepreneur Founder’s journey till date as an entrepreneur and his experience that every entrepreneur goes through 3 stages in business in the order given below:
1> The Aspire Phase – This is the startup mode and you operate with the confidence that nothing can go wrong in business. This is like when you get married and are on your honeymoon. Everything is hunky dory. You know you have the perfect spouse and want to stay married to your spouse over your next nine lives.
2> The Perspire Phase – The initial years in business where you have to sweat it out and do the hard work and make things happen in your business. This is like the initial years of your marriage where you got to make things work in the relationship with your spouse. You can’t just keep complaining that your spouse isn’t compatible with you and you have to take the ownership to make the relationship work.
3> Not Expired Phase – The growth years for your business where you have survived “expiring” in business and can see the promised land of success. This is like assuming you have not divorced in your marriage and as a couple you are looking to build your dream life. In all these 3 stages the entrepreneur has a very different mindset and what he needs to do in each stage in also very different. This book covers the top 10 things to do in each of the 3 stages. This eBook is a Business Primer that is meant for micro, small, and midsize organization owners. You could either be thinking of starting a first time business, a new business or could be in any of the 3 stages of a typical business life cycle mentioned above in your current business and this book could still help you with a few tips. I would be thrilled if by the end of reading this book you could have either of the below stated thoughts:
1> I want to improve my business by practically applying some of the things that I have read.
2> I will use this as a ready reckoner when I start a new venture.
3> Even though I am not a large organization I can work strategically and apply things in my business just like large corporations do.

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