As an organisation we are focused on helping entrepreneurs and adding value to them. We want all our employees to have an entrepreneurial mindset. As Abhijit often says while interviewing candidates – “If you want to be the CEO of a large corporation then Lonely Entrepreneur is definitely not the right place for you to work at. But if you want be an entrepreneur then this is the best place to come to and work and learn.”
We are looking to groom and work with individuals who one day could partner with us and build their businesses. Abhijit often says this as well while interviewing candidates – “Whats the worst that will happen to you in a year or two working with us? You will get paid enough to get your Dal Chawal happening and be amongst the best compared to your peers in terms of an entrepreneurial experience. Whats the best that can happen? You will end up driving a business together with us and  be an “Intrapreneur”. As an organisation we have our heart in the right place and we will be the happiest place in the world to work at. It is important to have super sharp rocket scientists with incredible minds on-board but even more important for us is to have “Heart Scientists” work for us. Our search is ongoing to find Compassionate individuals who want to be involved in our movement of creating “Purposeful Entrepreneurship”. If you would like to work for us then please write to us.

Do you feel like a Lonely Entrepreneur?

Do you want to see how one of our job requirement looks like? In case you believe you can add value to us and get a lot of value working with us then do write to us at magadhi@estuarylabs.com.