“You can chain me, you can torture me, you can even destroy this body, but you will never imprison my mind” – Mahatma Gandhi
Abhijit is an expert in the area of Strategy, Marketing, and Business Networking. He feels fulfilled by supporting micro, small and mid-sized enterprises who feel chained or tortured with their strategy and sales challenges and helping them create an amazing business and a spectacular life.
His Mission is “To create a business movement impacting over a million entrepreneurs and build a business world where “intrinsic goodness will rule supreme” and thereby spread Joy, Happiness and Richness in the world.”
In his early days of entrepreneurship despite losing his entire life savings, his home and almost losing his wife to death he stood strong and persisted in business rather than taking the easy way out and go back to the corporate world. This ability to withstand tough times as an entrepreneur is what makes him relate to a number of other entrepreneurs. Being able to support other businesses is what he calls “Joy at Work” and that is why he loves working with entrepreneurs.
Abhijit has his Graduation in Computer Engineering from VJTI, Mumbai, India and Post-Graduation in MFA (Master of Fine Arts in Film, Video and Computer Animation) from University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA.
He loves to travel along with his wife Magadhi and 2 wonderful kids Aryamaan and Aahana. Fine dining, watching espionage thrillers, fitness activities, reading, and writing is how he spends time unwinding. He is an avid video blogger and does a short 2-3 mins video every day to support the entrepreneurial community in the areas of Strategy, Marketing, Business Networking and General Entrepreneurship.
In his regular time he supports entrepreneurs through his Strategy & Marketing firm and has equity ownership in 3 businesses.
He is actively involved with BNI (Business Network International), the world’s largest referral networking organization. He is the Chief Marketing Officer for BNI India with over 11500 entrepreneurs and is working along with the core team of BNI India on Vision 2020 to get this to 50000 entrepreneurs. He is also the Area Director for BNI Mumbai South, BNI Mumbai East, and BNI Mumbai North East and provides strategic direction to BNI in these regions and lives by the philosophy of “Givers Gain”. He trains, supports and mentors a team of 22 other BNI Ambassadors and Directors to help them provide leadership for the region. He helps the 750 plus BNI entrepreneurs (micro, small and midsized enterprises) to turn their contacts into contracts.
His key to success is honesty, integrity, commitment and trust.

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