LSD Workshop

Lonely Entrepreneur has done reviews with entrepreneurs on their entrepreneurial journey till date and a few areas listed below came up as the most common challenges:
1> Most micro, small and mid-sized entrepreneurs feel that entrepreneurship is a lonely affair. The entrepreneur appreciates if he can get the right support in his solo journey.
2> The entrepreneur also feels burdened to do a number of things all the time and is so lost in working on the micro issues that the big picture is missed out quite often.
3> The entrepreneur wants to give back to the community in general and specifically to the entrepreneurial community but is rarely able to do so because he is caught up in his business.
The “Lonely Entrepreneur Strategic Direction (LSD)” workshop intends to help the entrepreneur move one step closer to solve the above challenges. We will help the entrepreneur with the following:
1> Support the entrepreneur at a strategic level by helping him work on the business model for his biggest current business challenge.
2> Facilitate an environment wherein the entrepreneur can support other entrepreneurs in the workshop by giving organized feedback and start giving back to the entrepreneurial community.
3> Support the entrepreneur in his contribution towards the community by donating 5% of Lonely Entrepreneur workshop earnings towards a charitable cause.
The LSD workshop is one way for Lonely Entrepreneur to support the lonely entrepreneurs through teaching, supporting and helping them give back. LSD workshop is also our way of saying that this is “One small step for an Entrepreneur, One Giant Leap for Entrepreneurship”
LSD Workshop Overview:
An entrepreneur needs practical business insights to make an impact on his business and apply the learning back in business at the speed of light. So the “Lonely Entrepreneur Strategic Direction (LSD)” workshop has been conceptualized and structured around the need for an entrepreneur to learn from the workshop, apply the learning to his specific business problem, validate the solution that has been built in the workshop and then rapidly go to the market with the solution.
LSD Workshop Format:
We run this in a 3-step format:
1> Preparation Stage:
→  Pre-workshop facilitates the entrepreneur to evaluate his business and identify a potential major pain point.
→  The entrepreneur comes to the workshop with a clearly defined problem statement that impacts his business in the short term.
2> Learn & Apply Stage:
→ Concepts are taught by the facilitator in the workshop.
→ The entrepreneur applies the learnt concepts to his business problem and moves one step ahead and has a strategic business model developed at the end of the workshop.
3> Present & Contribute Stage:
→ Each entrepreneur presents his business solution.
→ The facilitator and the other entrepreneurs give feedback to the presenter on his business solution
LSD Workshop Brief Content
→ Understanding Business Model concept
→Building blocks of a Business Model
→ Describing, Analyzing and Designing Business Models
→ Understanding various Business Model Patterns
→ Customer Insights
→ Ideation
→ Visual Thinking
→ Prototyping
→ Storytelling
→ Scenarios
→ Business Model Environment
→ Evaluating Business Models
→ Business Model Perspective on the Blue Ocean Strategy
→ Managing Multiple Business Models
→ Business Model Design Process
Number of Participants:
We have room for maximum 20 participants per workshop.
Participant Profile:
Any micro, small, mid-sized business up to 50 Crores of turnover.
Workshop Duration:
This will be done over 2 full days from 9 am to 6 pm
Workshop Venue:
Varies Per City

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