Magic Mondays

Monday being the first day of the business week, an entrepreneur often calls it a “Manic Monday”. Why should an entrepreneur consider Monday to be a “Manic” day? We want to challenge this very thought. We want you to “Make the Time” to “Make a Difference” for you and your business and that too on a Monday. Make every Monday a Magic Monday and look at you and your business differently. Magic Mondays is our way of supporting the entrepreneurial community and saying – One small step for an Entrepreneur, One Giant Leap for Entrepreneurship!
Magical Overview:
An entrepreneur needs practical business insights to make an impact on his business and apply the learning back in business at the speed of light. So Magic Mondays has been conceptualized around the need for an entrepreneur to magically pick a new business insight every week and apply that in his business the same week. He learns the “Magic” on Monday and takes the first step towards mastering that Magical Insight the same week.
What will you Magically Bond over?
Every week the topic will be one focus area of business in the space of Strategy, Marketing, Business Networking or General Entrepreneurship. Every week one out of the 200 plus videos (2-3mins) done till date by Lonely Entrepreneur will be selected to bond over.
Who can see the Magic and become a one new trick business Magician every week?
Any micro, small, mid size business under 25 Crores of turnover.
Magical Engagement:
We run this in a magical 4 step format:
1> 15 mins of concept overview
2> 15 mins of independently applying the concept to your own business
3> 2 mins presentation to the group of how you intend to apply the concept
4> 3 mins feedback on how you have applied things to your business
His key to success is honesty, integrity, commitment and trust.
Magical 52 Week Calendar:
Talk to our team and get access to our entire Magical 52 Week calendar.
How many potential Magicians can we share the Magic with?
We will have room for 12
Magical Meeting Time:
5 pm to 6:30 pm every Monday of the week
Magical Venue:
Office Board Room

Would you like to learn one new concept every week and apply that with success in your business?

Please write to us at or Call us on +91 9820402464 to book your seat.