The entrepreneur will be coached around a number of areas given below, as per his business challenges:
1> Market  Situation and Competitive Marketing Intelligence
→Market trends
→ Competitive product/service launch
→ Competitor market strategy study
2> Business Model Analysis & Persona
→ Business Models for various business areas
→ Consumer Insights, Goals, Tasks
→ Consumer Vocabulary
3> Strategic Overview
→ Product Overview
→ Target Market
→ SWOT Analysis
→ What if Scenarios
→ Collateral list to be made
→ Upsell strategy to be built
→ Cross Sell strategy to be built
→ Lead Generation strategy to be built
→ Marketing Calendar with goals, budget allocation and activity mapping
4> Strategic Online Direction
→ Online direction overview
→ Social media business framework
5> Branding Direction
→ Branding & Communications strategy
6> Service Experience Direction
→ Customer Experience lifecycle
7> Vendor Management
→ Identifying and monitoring vendors to implement the various marketing initiatives
8> Marketing Team Setup
→ Set up an internal marketing team and work towards a Build, Operate and Transfer model.
9> Few Other Areas
→ Loyalty programs to be built
→ Promotional Strategy – Strategizing for events, trade shows, promotions, sales meetings, etc
→ Identification and strategizing partner relationships
→ Relationship strategies to be built for Partner Community
→ Thought Leadership direction
→ Channel sales direction
→ PR direction
10> Sales Support
→ Objections based FAQs
→ Sales Toolkit to be used to break down individual areas of business to be pitched
→ Overall business presentation content
→ Product based presentation content
→ Content direction for other collaterals

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