Strategic Marketing Ownership

Lonely Entrepreneur helps an organization on the marketing front by taking complete ownership of the organization’s marketing function. We operate as the “Chief Marketing Officer” for the organization and help the organization build and implement an effective Marketing Roadmap.
As the Chief Marketing Officer the following areas will be looked into:
1. Market Situation and Competitive Marketing Intelligence
2. Marketing Overview
3. Marketing Process
4. Relationship Marketing Plan
5. Strategic Online Direction
6. Branding & Communications Direction
7. Vendor Management
8. Marketing Team Setup
9. Sales Support
→ Loyalty programs to be built
→ Promotional Events – Strategizing for events, trade shows, promotions, sales meetings, etc
→ Identification and strategizing partner relationships
→ Relationship strategies to be built for Partner Community
10. Service Experience
→ Support in generating sales leads
→ Support in setting up sales partnerships

Is your Marketing completely streamlined? Are you getting the kind of ROI you want from your marketing efforts?

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